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I really appreciate everyone I roleplay with, so I wanted to give them a little recognition thing for it in any way I can! I've been on quite a few follow forever's and it has made me very happy, so I want to make some people happy too with my own.

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Yana Toboso’s blog 2014年7月17日

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beautiful assholes.jpg

They even became so desperate that they died (x)

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thorinsdick asked:
oooh Sebastian and Lust. interesting rp partners. I'm excited to see how it goes :3

You and me both~!

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My, my… you truly play your role well. Still, I firmly believe it is only that— a role. And I also believe that you know all about bending rules, no matter what you say.

There always are a few differences between the performer and the character they play—no matter how exceptional they are, it is bound to happen.

How did you acquire this kind of knowledge in my regards, I wonder? I do not remember ever bending any rule in your presence.

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Givenchy S/S 2015

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I’d say I felt pity for you and your boring life… but pity is not my style. It’s a shame, though. I’d never expect someone like you to be one to follow rules…

Rules, orders—they are most important and come before everything; do not forget that. 
[These words fall slowly from his pale lips—but really, is there any actual meaning behind them all?]

Although one may be able to bend them sometimes, that is not my case.

[Or is it?]

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Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus

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Of course, you’re just a mere butler, mh? [her grin grows wider, eyes glistening as she holds his look.]


—Then again, some would say improper is my middle name.

Yes—nothing more, nothing less.

For as long as I am called Sebastian Michaelis, it won’t be mine, I’m afraid.


[She gives a playful snicker, not making any attempts to get away from Sebastian.] 


Indeed it is, but I have seen much more absurd things in this life.

Besides, for not having said restriction, you sure act like it.

For a mere butler to have such interactions with a lady—

[A small pause, as his red eyes look directly into hers.]

That would be nothing short of improper.

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