— you bring   [
                                       ᴄ o я я u p т i o n
  to all that you touch.

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Red eyes narrowed quite a bit at the sight presented before him; it was to be expected, as the reaper’s presence certainly couldn’t be harbinger of good news.

"Pray tell—to what do I owe the pleasure?”


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Please note: The man depicted in these images is in fact a very powerful demon and yes, yes he did just put a whole bunch of cats in his wardrobe so they wouldn’t get wet in the rain.

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it’s bedtime for me!


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Oooh, that’s nice suit you have there! But who are you exactly?

He raises an eyebrow at the girl’s extremely straightforward words;where are her manners supposed to be? A kind smile appears on his face nonetheless.

"Why, thank you. I am Sebastian Michaelis, butler of the Phantomhives. May I ask the same from you?"

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Anonymous asked:
do u like being a butler?

The question comes unexpected—no one ever asks such things, as a servant’s opinions or preferences are often, if not always, merely cast aside.

"Certainly—Being a servant to the house of Phantomhive is something I take great pride in." 

His voice is kind, seemingly genuine—expressing just how glad he is to be by the Young Master’s side.

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Faultless, shrewd and gallant

But there is more than meets the eye

Beneath the sheepskin

A sugar coated lie

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Plenty of humans were monstrous, and plenty of monsters knew how to play at being human.

— Victoria Schwab, Vicious